Rules & Regulations

ENTRIES: All closing dates will be strictly adhered to.  Payment MUST accompany entry and NO refund of entry money will be given.

JUDGING:  Hall exhibits to be placed by 9.00am unless otherwise stated when the hall shall be cleared of all except officials.  No exhibitor shall have any personal communication with judge before or whilst judging is in progress.  Any person giving annoyance to judge, secretary or committee shall be liable to exhibit disqualification.

COLLECTION OF EXHIBITS:  Exhibitors are to report to the sectional convenors and stewards with entry slips to collect exhibits and Prize money where applicable.

ALL EXHIBITS:  Must be bona fide property of the exhibitor or be grown, produced or manufactured by the exhibitor, except where stated.  No exhibitor’s name is to appear on any article until after judging. The committee will endeavour to protect exhibits from damage or loss, but will not be responsible for them. All exhibits to remain until specified time as stated by each section. Exhibits not collected within 7 days of completion of the Show will be discarded without notice.

PRIZES:  The judges are empowered to withhold prizes in any class where they deem the exhibits
unworthy. They may award 2nd and 3rd prizes in lieu of 1st and 2nd. In all cases Judge’s decision are final.

PRIZE MONEY: Prize money will be paid Show day at the Section locations, at times specified in relevant Section of this Show book. Unless other arrangements are made prize money not collected by April 30th will be forfeited.

APPLICATION FOR TRADE SPACE:  Must be made to the Trade Space Supervisor and all space must be booked and paid for in advance. Products or material must not be offensive, sexist, racist etc. Material deemed offensive will be removed by Show Society representative.

TRAFFIC CONTROL:  All traffic in the grounds is under the control of the Ground Supervisor and Ground Stewards.  Passes (non-transferable) are issued to persons wishing to leave the ground temporarily. Limited parking space available for vehicles in grounds. Gate keepers in attendance from 6am both days.

PROTESTS:  All protests shall be made in writing and given to the Secretary within one hour of the opening of the Show Hall. In all cases the written protest must be lodged with a $30 deposit. This deposit will be forfeited to the Society should the protest not be upheld.  The ruling of the Executive \ Committee is final.

ACCIDENTS OR LOSS:  The Society will not be responsible for any accidents that may be caused to or by livestock, and it shall be a condition of entry that each nominator hold the Society blameless and shall indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising out of any such incident.  The Society will give every possible facility to exhibitors and accommodation for exhibits of every kind will be afforded.  Every care will be taken of exhibits but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society.


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