“Jeff Kernich Memorial” SA Hand Milking Championship

ENTRIES CLOSE: Thursday, 9 MARCH 2023 at 6pm
PRIZE MONEY:     1st: $50     2nd: $25     3rd: $15 
Sashes presented by Tanunda Show
CONVENOR:  Lisa Werner P: 8562 8113


Organised by the Tanunda Show

11.00am on the oval in front of Grandstand

Sponsored by  JERSEY FRESH

1 Open to anyone wishing to participate

2 Entries may be restricted to number of goats (doe) available

3 Competitors will draw for an animal

4. Competitors have 15 seconds to stimulate animal and 2 minutes to milk.

5. At the end of 2 minutes milk will be weighed and person with greatest weight of milk will be declared the winner.

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