Dahlia Society of S.A. Inc

Since 1988



CONVENOR:  Neville & Elizabeth Jaeschke   P: 8563 2146

Stewards: Lyn Jaensch, Diane Trenberth, Daniel Halman, Joel Halman

Open to Dahlia Society Members Only


A.  State Championship: Joan Matulick Memorial

Three blooms over 160mm-staged singly, three vases under 160mm, three

blooms one cultivar per vase. All vases to be distinct cultivars and at least

four different types.


B.  Gayner Parker Memorial Championship

Four vases of three blooms NND with at least three different types selected

from Collerette, Anemone, Orchid, Stellar, Single,Peony .


C. Ray Sellick Memorial Championship

Six vases—Blooms over 160mm to be staged singly. Blooms under 160cm

staged three to a vase.


D. Bill Tapley Memorial Waterlily Championship

One vase containing three blooms. Three blooms staged singly.


E. Reg Kappler Memorial Championship

Nine blooms staged singly, each a different type.


F. Noel Brinkley Memorial Encouragement Championship

Novice and B grade only. One vase three blooms one cultivar, three blooms

staged singly NND

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