ENTRY FORMS CLOSE:  Thursday, MARCH 8th at 6pm
PRIZE MONEY TO BE COLLECTED: 5.00pm Show day from the Section
PRIZE MONEY:  1st: $3    2nd: $1.50   3rd: $1 
CONVENOR: Elizabeth & Neville Jaeschke   P: 8563 2146
STEWARDS: Diane Trenberth, Lyn Jaesnsch

Open to all gardeners who grow a few dahlias

Section Rules:

  1. a) The Society will take every care, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit.
  2. b) Exhibits are NND unless otherwise indicated. NND means NOT NECESSARILY DISTINCT.

If this is stated for any class an exhibitor is entitled to put in any combination of that type and size flower. DISTINCT means DIFFERENT.

  1. c) Judge reserves the right not to award a prize or champion if bloom quality is not deserving.
  2. d) All exhibits to be grown by the exhibitor.
  3. e) Exhibitors may have multiple entries in any one class.
  4. f) Cactus and Semi cactus may be shown together.
  5. g) Formal Decs, Informal Decs and Semi Decs may be shown together.
  6. i) Prize cards will be allocated for First, Second & Third.
  7. j) Blooms to be staged- 1 bloom per bottle & firmly plugged. Named if possible. Bottles supplied.
  8. k) NOVICE: Anyone who has never exhibited dahlias before OR won a Champion Award.

 Grand Champion Bloom – $10   Sponsored by TANUNDA DAHLIAS

Champion Decorative: Champion Cactus: Champion Any Other Type – $10 each. Sponsored by TANUNDA DAHLIAS

Dahlia sizes as per Australian Dahlia Society Standards

Giant -260mm & over:  Large – 210mm & under260mm:  Medium – 160mm & under 210mm: Small – 120mm & under160mm: Miniature – under 120 mm.

Decorative, Cactus, Exhibition (incurved), Fimbriated dahlias come in all 5 sizes.

Ball types – Miniature Pompone – under 50mm:  All other types under 160mm.



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