Amateur Winemaking

ENTRY FEE: $5.00
Entry Forms Close: Tuesday, 7 MARCH 2023 at 5pm 
Exhibits due to Show office by: Tuesday, 7 MARCH 2023  at 5pm 

PRIZE MONEY:  1st:  $25   2nd: $15   3rd:  $10

CONVENOR: Matt Stevens



 NB. Entries of wine with entry forms and fees must be delivered to  –

to the Tanunda Show secretary’s office (in the show hall) by Tuesday 7 March 2023 by 5pm.


  1. This competition is open for producers of wine who are amateur winemakers.   Entrants must have a ‘hands on’ involvement in the making of the wine.
  2.  Grape growers are encouraged to enter their own wine made if the total quantity produced, of the wine entered, is no more than 80 cases. Bottled wine from commercial wineries will not be eligible.
  3. All entries to be made from South Australia fruit only.
  4. Each entry is to be clearly marked with entrant’s name, wine class, vintage, region of fruit, variety (or blend) and percent of variety if blend. Own labels are permitted to be attached with the exception of neck labels. Each entry must name the person who made the wine and/or the person who entered the wine. Those bottled not completely or clearly marked accordingly may be disqualified. The bottles will be on display during Show.
  5. Class 1 – 5 entries to be one 750ml bottle. Class 6 to be of any bottle size not greater than 1.5 litre. Class 7to be either 375ml or 750ml size bottle. Only one bottle required of each submission. Vintages to be no earlier than 2017. 2023 will be accepted. Class 7 can be any vintage year or blends thereof.
  6.  Fortified wine may be made from commercial blends. “Home casks” must be a minimum of 20 litres volume. Entries submitted must be a blend, submitted by an amateur, or hobbyist and the final blend not available commercially.
  7. Prize money will be awarded for each class (as per prize money listed above).
  8. Judging will take place prior to the show at the judges and convenor’s discretion. The judges’ decisions are final. Entries are not returned to entrants however can be claimed after 4.30pm Saturday 11 March 2023 and if unclaimed will be destroyed.


  1. Shiraz   (100% composition)
  2. Grenache & Blends   (At least 50% Grenache, remaining composition any possible red grape varietals)
  3. Red Blends   (Single varietal wines besides Shiraz & Grenache, and blends of any possible red grape varietals)
  4. Rose  (Wines made from any red grape varietals or blends thereof with limited skin contact time, i.e pressed prior to completion of fermentation)
  5. White  (Made from any possible white varietals or blends thereof)
  6. Other  (Fruit wine, cider, perry (pear cider) or mead)
  7. Fortified


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